Is Honey and Salt a Good Pre-workout Hack?


Folks have used caffeine, creatine, and protein shakes to energy up athletic performances for many years. However now health influencers and naturopathic docs on TikTok have been doing one thing just a little totally different currently to spice up their exercises.

They’re gulping down a spoonful of honey sprinkled with sea salt proper earlier than lacing up their sneakers.

They are saying it’s an affordable, pure pre-workout hack that gives a fast hit of vitality and helps your physique maintain on to hydration because of the electrolytes in salt. However does it really work? And is it higher or worse than store-bought vitality drinks?

We requested registered dietitian Daisy Mercer if a spoonful of honey with a sprinkle of salt can actually increase your exercise.

Well being advantages of honey

Honey accommodates anti-inflammatory compounds, together with flavonoids and polyphenols, in line with Mayo Clinic. It additionally has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals and cut back oxidative stress. So, with this sweetener, you’ll get some advantages you don’t discover in sugar or sugar-sweetened vitality drinks.

You’ll get energy-enhancing carbohydrates from any type of honey, however Mercer says it’s possible you’ll get some additional perks should you select an area honey. “Local honey may help with allergies,” she says.

That’s as a result of native honey is believed to comprise pollen from crops within the surrounding space.

The speculation is that by ingesting small quantities of those native pollens by way of honey, the physique can construct up a tolerance and cut back allergic reactions when uncovered to them throughout allergy season. 

This tip is extra anecdotal than science-baked, however there’s no hurt in attempting honey and discovering out if it helps you. TikTok swears by it.

Does it work?

In line with Mercer, this honey hack could add just a little additional one thing to your exercises.

“Honey is made up of simple, easy-to-digest carbohydrates, so it offers a fast hit of vitality that may be helpful in train,” she says. “It lets you really feel higher for longer whereas figuring out.” Should you attempt it, you may end up working just a little sooner, lifting a number of extra reps, or having a better time mountain climbing uphill.

And it’s not simply the carbohydrates. The salt performs a job, too. “It helps preserve electrolyte balance,” Mercer says.

Although this salt-honey combo has some potential advantages, Mercer says it’s not precisely an equal swap for a industrial pre-workout drink.

“Evaluating honey with salt to a industrial pre-workout is an unfair and unreasonable comparability,” she says. “These merchandise have components like caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and lots of different issues which are proven to extend vitality and efficiency. Honey is not going to offer you as a lot vitality as 200mg of caffeine.”

Do I really want it?

Should you eat a balanced weight loss program with sufficient carbohydrates, protein, and fats on a day-to-day foundation, you don’t really want honey or any kind of pre-workout vitality drink in case your exercise is an hour or much less, in line with the American College of Sports Medicine. For most individuals it is smart to stay to water.

In addition to, the science so far doesn’t present a transparent payoff for this hack. Researchers have really studied the influence of honey on train. A meta-analysis of 9 research revealed within the journal Nutrients reported that honey isn’t any extra useful than different sources of carbohydrates.

It’s price remembering that one tablespoon of honey has greater than 17 grams of sugar. A pre-workout banana will provide you with fresher carbohydrates for across the similar quantity of sugar.

Simply don’t go to the fitness center hungry. “You will need to eat some kind of vitality earlier than a exercise so you’ll be able to really feel nice and supply your physique with what it must get you thru the train,” says Mercer.

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